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Q.    Where does Commonwealth Reporting provide court reporting services?
A.    Everywhere within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Q.    Do the reporters live and work in various locations?
A.    Yes, reporters' residences are spread out over many areas of the
Commonwealth, primarily in the Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas, but also in Reading, Lebanon, Malvern, Dresher, Upper Darby, Norristown, Scranton, York, Williamsport, Wellsboro, Pottsville, Greensburg, Uniontown, New Castle, and many other areas.
Q.    Does Commonwealth Reporting have one central administrative office, or are offices situated throughout the state?
A.    The central office is in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, and all scheduling, billing and
other administrative duties are accomplished by a staff of eight persons at that location.
Q.    How long has the company been providing court reporting services?
A.    Commonwealth Reporting was incorporated in 1975 and has provided quality court reporting services for over 35 years.
Q.    What are the firm’s office hours?
A.    The phones are answered from 6:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except on Commonwealth of Pennsylvania holidays. A voice mail system is monitored during the hours when the office is not open.
Q.    How many court reporters are available?
A.    Over sixty qualified court reporters are available to provide your
stenographic needs.
Q.    Are the court reporters experienced?
A.    Absolutely. Some have provided services for over 35 years. The reporter with

the least amount of experience has been reporting for three years. The average number of years of experience is between 15 and 20 years.
Q.    What kind of equipment is used?
A.    Some reporters use the stenomask system and others use stenotype reporting equipment. Regardless of the method used, the finished product is the same.
Q.    How about delivery time on transcripts? What is the normal turn-around on transcripts?
A.    That depends on the client. When requested, same-day delivery or next-day delivery of transcripts can be arranged. On average, transcripts are delivered within one to three weeks from the date of the hearing or deposition.
Q.    Can you accommodate last-minute assignments?
A.    Yes, usually we can.
Q.    Are your reporters able to report more difficult testimony such as medical, technical or environmental proceedings? How about testimony from witnesses with a foreign accent?
A.    Our qualified reporters are able to report testimony of any kind.
Q.    Can I get a price list for hearings and depositions before they are scheduled?
A.    Because prices vary depending on delivery requirements and type of hearing or deposition, please call (717) 761-7150 or (800) 334-1063 to make arrangements. The prices you will be quoted will be very competitive with prices of other court reporting firms.
Q.    Is there anything else I might want to know about Commonwealth Reporting?
A.    Reporters and staff and management are dedicated to serving our clients competently and professionally. Reporters have commented that they feel real pride when they walk into a hearing room and the judge or attorney says, "Great; you’re from Commonwealth. We’ll get a good transcript."

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